bridge house dental practice treatments

“Dr. Callanan has been placing implants since 1996
and works exclusively with Bio Horizon and Nobel
Biocare implants”

At the Bridge House Dental Practice we provide a full range of dentistry with a particular interest in cosmetic and implant dentistry. The Practice is acknowledged as giving the highest quality of care to patients whether their needs are basic or complex.

We see children from a young age and find it is better for them to be familiar with a friendly and comfortable environment. Our dedicated children´s waiting room provides a friendly space for children as they wait for a procedure or for a parent or carer who is attending the practice. The stair lift provided in the practice allows disabled people ease of access to the dental surgeries located on the first floor.

Dr. Callanan takes particular pride in when patients present with dental problems. They are given the full range of options to suit their particular needs, while all questions are answered no particular treatment is ever pushed and the patients are encouraged to satisfy themselves that they understand all the options and take some time in deciding what treatment they wish to have.

The practice is one of the most highly equipped in Ireland, with three running surgeries equipped with high quality digital and conventional units. Our Sirona Galileos CT Scanner allows the dental team to take 3 dimensional images of patients jaws, guaranteeing precision in Implant Surgery and above all increased safety for the patient.

Our clients can relax in the comfort of knowing that the Bridge House Dental Practice provides dental procedures with safety, reliability and sophistication.

family dentistry

At Bridge House Dental Practice we provide a full range of family dentistry. The practice is particularly child friendly. We encourage children to attend from the age of 2 to 3 onwards. While endeavoring to provide a high standard of cosmetic dentistry we provide a full range of family dentistry. We have a separate crèche type waiting room designed especially for children. We believe that prevention is better than cure and we encourage patients to attend our hygienist regularly.

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cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Callanan has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry, he has been carrying out tooth whitening procedures for over 20 years. At Bridge House Dental we provide a full range of aesthetic treatments which are minimally invasive, fast and accessible, including: white fillings, porcelain veneers, porcelain crownss and bridgework.

Different clients have different needs and our ultimate goal is to restore a client’s ability to smile with confidence. We are able to place white fillings for patients if that is their preference. We also provide a very high standard of crowns and bridgework only using highly qualified and certified dental laboratories.

All whitening procedures are carried out in a separate surgery dedicated to tooth whitening procedures.

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dental implants

Dental implants are essentially titanium “screws” that are placed in the jaw bone to replace the roots of teeth. These can then be used to support crownss, bridgework or to help in the retention of dentures.

Dr. Callanan has been placing dental implants since 1996 and works exclusively with Bio Horizon and Nobel Biocare Implant System. These are two high quality implant systems which allow us to offer high quality cost effective dental implants to our patients.

Dr. Callanan regularly attends courses worldwide with ongoing education and training for example October 2010 Dr. Callanan spent 5 days at the Malo clinic in Lisbon a world renowned implant centre. He attended the Bio Horizon Global Symposium in Arizona USA between April 28th and May 1st this year.


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